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25 days of Snowmen- winter of 06 / 07
Snowmen 2007
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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Thanks...and some other things.

Hey dere folks!

Thanks for all of you guys that wrote in about the poem in my last blog entry.  Apparently (most) of you like it so every once in awhile I'll share my verses and prose with you.  Another BIG thank you goes to you that supported Artie's efforts in raising money for his walk- it was a great success- he says "Thanks!" - also it's over so please don't send anymore- you guys have been more than generous. 

Now one of the other things...Jamie's got this friend that invented something- color me impressed already- how many people you know invented something? but i gotta tell you this is something I could use- if you wanna check it out go to and look for the glow cap write up.

That's all for this one my friends -I'll be back soon with more info you either want or you don't...  til then I remain

Dr. Luis Flamingo Jr.

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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Mammal skills I wish I had...
I wish I had a blow hole.  Like a giant whale...that
way if someone came up to me and started to ramble on
and on about stupid stuff I could just shoot water out
my blow hole and I'm guessing they would be so
surprised by this mighty act that they would stop
talking and walk away from me. 
Honestly, you know you've thought about it...
Dr Luis Flamingo Jr
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