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25 days of Snowmen- winter of 06 / 07
Snowmen 2007
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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The wild bunch!
Sources close to me have said that Franco and Jamie were spotted in Colonial Williamsburg completely rocking the wild west look. 

 Sources also tell me Jamie's wife was rocking the scented candle area as well.  Several bystanders were there firsthand to hear all about it.  I'm told photos will be up soon.  Those boys are out having fun with the families while I'm stuck in Washington DC for meetings.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Going for 3
So this is another milestone- 3 days in a row!!!  So anyways my trip was put off another day- will be going tomorrow.  So I did the work out things and I'm sore as all get out but some one did notice I have lost weight already.  Is that even possible?  My guess is that it's all the heat and humidity over the last couple of days. 

But enough about me.  I got this phone call the other day from Taki Bekkett (our resident assistant inker and all around helpful -wouldn't get anything done around the studio person).  She was in a panic!  I thought the studio was on fire or something.  No- thankfully.  Apparently there was a mouse!  Yes folks- I said a mouse.  Now this girl who has been around animals all her life with pets all the time since she was a wee tyke apparently- was freaked outta her mind by a mouse!  Aparently she was so startled by the the little thing she wigged out and dropped her coffe which in turn knocked over the ink bottle which ruined a whole page Artie had already drawn.  She didn't have the heart to tell him she ruined it.  I guess that's why they pay me the big bucks.  I gotta call Artie-

We'll talk again soon- more of the mouse tale to come.


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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hazy, Hot and Humid.
Well this must be some kind of record- two days in a row!  I'm going to try and keep this updated more often.  Well I'm in New york this week and let me tell you it is hot and humid around these parts.  In an effort to get into better physical shape, I decided that running would be a good thing.  So I say -ok- 2 miles sounds good.  I do some walking first to get warmed up and then start jogging.  Well about 30 seconds later and what I honestly feel was like 2 miles (it was actually 30 feet) I was done.  Air conditioning time!  Tomorrow leaving on a trip.  Going to our nation's Capital- maybe I'll try and jog there too.

Wish me luck-

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Whoa- I saw that too!
I know,  I know, when you read the title I probably sounded like Joey Lawrence.  I apologize for any Blossom flashbacks!  I was sittnig here with a buddy watching wrestling when I turned to him and asked why do they even need referee's?  This is fixed right?  Y'know like the ballet!  But it occurs to me that they are wasting so much money paying this guy when he's totally not even needed.  If you were this bad at your job- they'd fire you!  So in my opnion they should fire all the referee! 

Now onto the big news- not yet!!  That is the official word.  I can confirm the boys are working on a project for not Marvel!  I've seen the work and it looks cool! 

On another note- people have been complaining that these blogs are too far and few between.  All I can say is - I'll try to update sooner.

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