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Monday, April 28, 2008

You want interviews???
You got em!!!! 
If you go onto you local favorite internet and search different things like Art and Franco or New York Comic Con or Tiny Titans, or any variation there of, you will see a couple of pretty funny interviews with the guys.  My favorite one is the one where Art bites the arm of the guy interviewing him and accuses the microphone of smelling a lot like Joe Quesada!  More news soon!


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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ok- in one word- NYCC- WOW!!!!  There were people everywhere!  There were fans lined up the entire weekend to see Art and Franco both at the DC Booth and in Artist Alley!  The guys wanted to extend thank you's to all of you that came by to get drawings, books signed, paintings, or to just wish them well or thank them!!

On to News- I know it's been awhile but it has been quite busy around here.  The big news out of NYC is that Tiny Titans is a big hit!!!  Issue number one is completely SOLD OUT!  Not to worry though,  the fine folks at DC Comics have decided to release Tiny Titans for Free Comic Book Day.  So get to the shops and get your copies!!!  Art and Franco will be signing on MAY 3 at Challengers Comic book store in the fine land of CHICAGO!

Ninjatown has been unveiled!!  Art and Franco will be writing and providing artwork for the book full of Wee Ninjas that is coming from Devil's Due.

Also on the line of Patrick news... we have some special plans in development so all we can say in that department is... stay tuned!!!

like I said... WOW!

until more happens...


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Monday, April 14, 2008

Hey there kiddies- come see the whole gang in NYC this weekend and bring all 3 issues of TINY TITANS and get them signed by the guys!  I'll be there too so let's rock the Big Apple!

Dr. LFjr
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hey there folks!

TINY TITANS #3 hits stores today!  Yay!!  I'm going right out to buy my copy!  Get yourselves a couple too!


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Monday, April 7, 2008

Ninja's in New York
Hi guys! 
Been a while but here to tell you that Art and Franco will be rocking it New York style in just under two weeks.  They have been working on Ninjatown stories for Devil's Due, painting original paintings for the New York Comic Con... speaking of which- come on by and say hello and be sure to bring your copies of TINY TITANS as they will be signing on Saturday and Sunday at the DC COMICS BOOTH!

Awww yeah TITANS!!!

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