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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2 in 1?
2 posts in 1 month!  Thats gotta be some kind of record!  Tiny Titans has holes this month!  What a fun issue... I really wish I could travel this way, I might actually get to where I'm going on time.  Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam #8 has the big showdown between the evil doctor and the Captain.  We are having so much fun doing both of these titles I can't even tell you.  When Art and I talk about upcoming stories like what we have planned for Billy it's like a dream to be talking about these characters and working on an issue in our studio and then they go out into the world! Check out the cover that was just released for issue number 11- that was so cool to write but together with the visuals it just blows my socks off!  Next time we'll talk pets!

see you soon,

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Exciting stuff!

Noticing the last time a post was made here, it's obvious it's been awhile!  Art and I have been running full steam all summer long.  Along the way we've made a few stops like, Philadelphia, San Diego, New York, Chicago with Baltimore and Ohio still on the horizon. We truly feel lucky to do what we do, and from the reactions we've had from fans I think we might be doing one or two things right. It has been an incredible time and we're not done yet. We are still working on TINY TITANS and we have an extra special surprise coming... all we can tell you right now is to keep an eye on issue #25!  It will melt your brain and be more fun than you can shake a stick at, and believe me, I've shaken sticks at a couple things.  Next is BILLY BATSON and the MAGIC of SHAZAM!  Both Art and I are confident in our stories and from reviews and fan reaction it seems like people were skeptical but we seem to be winning them over.  We have the Sivana story wrapping up and then the next two arcs are wild.  When we pitched them to our boss he just looked at us and said "Whoa!  That's never been done before!"  Let's just say we have some extra special plans for our hero in red and he may just have to face off against a guy in black some where down the line.  Before that he needs to go through some "fire" and then take a good look in the "mirror".  Trust me, this will make sense after you read those issues.  And we're not done there...we're also working on a couple of other things- one that we can tell you about is the old school story we just finished for the Halloween book coming in October.  Also keep an eye out for a certain character that we had a certain dealing with and will have a certain cameo in that characters book!  OK, so that last one was a bit cryptic, but thats the fun part of this job!

Thanks to everyone we met this summer and thanks for supporting what we do!



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