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Friday, October 16, 2009


Hey there gang!

Well, Artie and I have been in quite a few cities over the past few weeks.  Mid- Ohio was a blast and Artie thanks everyone that came out.  I was in Baltimore and could not have had more fun!  The most interesting thing was the Converse shoe painting DC asked me to do at Bloomingdales in NYC.  I've attached a picture for you to see just who showed up!

One of the things we get asked the most at appearances is which characters are going to show up...well I can tell you coming in up in TINY TITANS is a whoooooooole bunch of pets!  As far as BILLY BATSON is concerned lets just say things get hot when the Arson fiend shows up but be on the look out for another character familiar to Captain Marvel fans.  I can't tell you who that is right now, but his first intial is "F".

Anyway, have fun out there and hope to see you soon!


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