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Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Fiver!
This month brings you no less than 5...count em, 5 titles from us to you.  Tiny Titans and lots and lots of pets!  All I can say is cover the furniture and put some newspapers down!  Captain Marvel has to wrestle with being a jerk?  We go old school with Bruce Wayne in a retro Halloween tale from back inthe day!  Ambush Bug is nowhere to be found!  And to top it all off we bring you some good old fashion Patrick the Wolfboy goodness in the G-Man series!  Wow, all I can say is, if that doesn't keep you busy reading for a little while, well... then, we'll just have to try harder!

This was a stellar month for us!  We get to work on Titans and Billy Batson every month, but the added honor of spinning tales for THE BATMAN! was awesome and to be working with a legend like Mr. Keith Giffen was truly an honor!  Just for some extra added spice we went all old school on ourselves and have some Patrick the Wolfboy strips in the very cool Chris Giarusso G-Man book from Image!  Thats for all you guys that thought we forgot about our favorite lil wolf guy!

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