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Saturday, January 9, 2010

What a year so far!

The first full week of the new year has been chock full of cool stuff.  Both Artie and I are gearing up for the convention circuit and we are nailing down definitive dates that should be posted soon (check appearances and conventions).  With Tiny Titans we have a bunch of fun stuff coming in future issues.  This past week Artie and I did an interview for Newsarama with the incomparable Geoff Johns that was just a bunch of laughs so look for that soon.  On the Billy Batson side of things, people are very excited about Mike Norton coming on board and man they are just going to be blown away.  All week long we have been getting pages from Mike and they are just incredible!  I gotta tell you, I have been a fan of Mike's work before he came aborad, but the Shazam stuff is like nothing I've ever seen from him before!  People are just going to freak out they are that good!

If this is the sign of things to come in 2010- then bring it on!



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