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Saturday, March 27, 2010

And we're off...

Convention season has begun.  

We've been to a few places already but we're just getting started.  if you don't believe us just check out the list of places we'll be this year and hopefully you'll stop by and say hey!  One of the questions we get asked quite a bit is which character do we like the best.  Well...that's like picking a favorite child but if we were forced to pick from TINY TITANS i would have to say it would be Robin, or Kid Devil... or Supergirl...or Superboy, or - oh well you get the idea.  As far as BILLY BATSON is concerned- again I love all the characters but by far I love scripting dialog for Mary Marvel- she has the best outlook on things and quick comebacks for one so young.  

Anyway...This month we have the all green issue of TINY TITANS!  After reading this all I want is a green milkshake!  BILLY BATSON and the MAGIC of SHAZAM shows us the dark side of Freddy Freeman... and when i say the dark side i'm talking about the color BLACK!

We tell you we're working on stuff all the time but we can't always tell you what it is that we're working on- so you just have to trust us when we say it will be cool stuff coming your way.  One of the things we can now tell you about is what Art Baltazar has been working on- look for these in a couple of weeks in your local bookstores:

tt-go-camping-233x300.jpg tt-and-the-science-fair-233x300.jpg

Until next time-hope all is well,



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