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Monday, June 28, 2010

It be summertime!

Howdy folks!!

Cows!!!  Lots of them in Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam!  This issue was a fun one!  Things coming up in the next few issues are cool too.  We work well in advance of the issue that you see and I can tell you, the knock down drag em out thats coming up in issues 20 and 21 is going to rock the whole world of Billy Batson and the gang, but before we get into that- up next is the Mad Mummy!!

Over in Tiny Titans land we see the crisis of all crisis- BABYSITTING!!  Can Supergirl handle it?  check it and find out!  Things coming up there are hair, legions, and more Tiny Titans!

We get asked quite often what else we are working on- truth is we can't tell you- sorry- but trust us when we say its cool!  There should be some info revealed in San Diego so if you could just hang out and check back here next month we might be able to give you some inside track stuff!

One thing we are NOT working on is Birds of Prey but it is one of my favorite books right now and I just love Gail Simone's writing on that and Secret Six so this was for her:


Til next time, peace,


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