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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer's End!


It has been a crazy summer!  We have literally criss crossed this country and met so many of you great fans out there!!  I've said it before and I'm gonna do it again right now- OUR FANS ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD!  I'll try to bring you guys up to speed on what's happening!

Tiny Titans is going strong!  We have some really cool issues coming up.  My favorite so far has to be the All Robin issue that is a few months away and next up you must prepare yourself for Kalibak!!

Billy Batson and Magic of SHAZAM is ending!  Yes I am sad too, but the next few issues are rock em sock em!  We have been building to this for a while!  We wanted to show what it would be like for a kid to get these tremendous powers and the confidence or lack there of it takes to wield them.  So in answer to that question I'll just tease this:


Also- we are very excited by this: the AW YEAH PODCAST with Art and Franco!  Yes, we have our very own Podcast and we hope you like it!  Just look up above for the graphic and follow the link. Give a listen, write to us and we'll talk about it!  We are just getting underway with this and hope to bring you some interesting guest as we go along!

Last but not least, make sure you come and see us at New York Comic Con coming up in Oct.

Whew!  That's a lot! Hope all is well with you,

until next time,




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