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Art Baltazar was born and raised in a lupine home environment. He was raised by a pack of wolves that were very artistic for not having opposable thumbs. They quickly learned that Art could draw better then them because of his thumb and for this reason quickly made him leader of the pact. Naturally his abilities led him to Chicago, New York and eventually the Moon where he resides to this day on the dark side.

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Franco Aureliani was born in 1492 aboard the cruise ship Santa Maria. He currently resides in Nueva York with his wife and son in a warm ranch style house with white picket fence. He spends most of his time in his Batcave like studio and emerges occasionally to yell at people and stuff. He is the creator artist writer of Weirdsville and the co-creator and writer of Patrick the Wolf Boy. He has also been know to write paint or draw other things. His car needs a new muffler and he's always asking people if they would like to pose for him. People usually get mad at this (or get the wrong impression) and hilarity will ensue as a fight will usually break out. So if he asks you to pose for one of his nice.
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A History of Blindwolf Studios

Blindwolf Studios started as a one person art studio in 1994. After publishing for other companies at first Franco decided to write, draw and publish his creator owned books. Franco met Art a few years later at a convention where they were seated next to each other for the weekend. From this meeting grew an idea to do a cross over book since their ideas and styles were similar. Having such a positive working experience and the same sense of humor and ideas led to becoming very good friends. They decided to go into creating, writing, drawing, and publishing their own work. From conventions and fans around the world, positive reaction has fueled the creative fires. Blindwolf Studios expanded to include more creators, artist, and inkers. Besides the creator owned work that Blindwolf produces like Patrick the WolfBoy, Weirdsville, Craybaby's, Nippy Wallaboosh, Lil Creeps, Grim Reaper, Eagle All Star and others, they also work as freelance artist on assignments from other comic book companies and are often commissioned for drawings, paintings, and graphics for companies outside of the Comic Book Industry.

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