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A preview to where the whole thing begins. Meet Tommy and his Mom as they arrive in Weirdling

Issue #1

Tommy arrives in Weirdling and finds that there are weird things aplenty, starting with meeting his new best friend Monty

Issue #2

The FBI shows up and has a vested interest in what Tommy has seen around town.

Issue #3

Tommy goes in search of the weird and finds it… do the floating cows give you a hint?

Issue #4

Tommy and Monty find the Nexus of the universe… and someone has set up a bar and grill there.

Issue #5

Visitors come and go as they please through Tommy’s closet. One of them is a very tall female with a very big sword… can you say SHI?

Issue #6

The usual suspects are rounded up for the biggest court event in the history of law. Trust us this one ends with a bang.

Issue #8

Tommy and Monty run into the newest resident of Weirdling. Catch this issue to meet “An American werewolf in Weirdsville.”

Issue #9

The conclusion of the werewolf story with a special guest appearance by Bru-hed.

Issue #10

Way before Johnny Depp made it cool to be a pirate, Tommy and Monty gave it a try looking for the White Whale of Weirdling.

Tommy and Monty meet the Cray baby’s and are drawn into another

On the return home from another, Tommy, Monty and the Craybaby’s run into… the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

TV Zone

Tommy Monty and their visiting friend Zomboy get sucked into their TV set and need to outwit the evil TV GUY.