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Sunday, January 11, 2015

New! DINO-MIKE Chapter books!

I'm real proud of these books and we just got news that there will now be 8 altogether!


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Saturday, April 13, 2013

AW YEAH COMICS! is coming!
Thanks to all that have comtributed to the Kickstarter!  We will have Issues #1 AND #2 (cover above) at C2E2 this April!
BUT WAIT! There's more!
Not only will we have issues of AYC there, we will have more art -t-shirts- posters and fun than you can shake a stick at!
BUT WAIT! There's even more!
We will have annoucements on future projects that are just too cool for school! But you have to wait til C2E2 to find out what they are! 
We hope you can come and celebrate the kick off of AW YEAH COMICS! with us and find out about all the new stuff we have coming up!
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Aw Yeah Comics in Skokie, IL. is proud to announce the very 1st Annual KIDS MAKE COMICS DAY! Saturday, July 28th, Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani (the Eisner & Harvey Award winning team behind DC's Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures), will be in the store from 10am to 5pm, teaching kids how to make comic books. The store will provide paper, pencils, crayons, and markers, and the pair will sit down and show kids the process of making comic books. From story to art, kids will get a hands on approach with creators working in the industry, and hopefully spark a life long interest in our medium. 

What started as idea for our store event has progressed. We now invite any comic store, around the world, to join in the fun. Become a venue, provide the basic materials, and speak to creators of all kinds to see if they would be willing to share their time, knowledge, and passion for comics with enthusiastic youth. Our intent is for this to become a yearly, widespread event on the scale of Free Comic Book Day and 24 Hour Comic Day. Our Facebook page is already up, as is our Twitter feed. A more permanent website, that will list each participating store and creator, is in the works, and will be finished soon. 

In the meantime, if any store or creator has any questions, ideas, or comments, please feel free to send the

The process of growing our industry is carried out on numerous levels, but most importantly getting children involved in creating and reading comics. This helps ensure that our beloved industry stays healthy for generations to come. 
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Thursday, February 23, 2012


From DC comics:

Back in December, we announced SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES, a new ongoing monthly series for readers of all ages by the Eisner Award-winning creative team of TINY TITANS, Art Baltazar and Franco.

Today, take an exclusive first look at the cover for the series’ premiere issue, in stores on May 30th. But wait, there’s more! We reached out to Art and Franco to exclusively give you fine readers of THE SOURCE a few teases about what to expect in SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES. Take it away, fellas:

“Superman is here! And he’s bringing his family!!! AW YEAH!” said Baltazar. “Working on SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES is truly a highlight to my career. Everything you know about the Superman mythos is here in this comic. You will see Bizarro, Parasite, Brainiac, Metallo and yes, even Lex Luthor! Writing and drawing bad guys is really cool! We had bad guys in TINY TITANS, but this time, they fight the heroes! ACTION! ADVENTURE! HUMOR! BIG GORILLAS! GIANT ROBOTS! LOIS! JIMMY! PERRY! and…SUPER PETS!!!! Whaaaa? Yep, that’s a true story right there! SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES is gonna rock! Aw yeah Krypton!”

“SUPERMAN!!! Are you kidding me? SUPERMAN!!!” continued Franco. “Ask any comic creator and this will be the number one guy they want to work on!! I’m definitely excited to be able to work with my good friend Art Baltazar on the all-new SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES. The book is going to be filled with amazing adventures, stories and humor featuring the entire cast of the Superman family – Lois, Jimmy, Supergirl, Superboy and even a few surprises you haven’t seen in a while like Fuzzy The Krypto Mouse. You should come along because this is going to be a fun ride!”

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Green Lantern!


Art and i are writing the adventures of the Emerald warrior! Hal Jordan!  Green Lantern!  It's gonna be cool!


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